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[icon] He was more than a Statue. - Marcus Constantine
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Subject:He was more than a Statue.
Time:02:16 pm
Well, I have Caius again. Well the one thing I ever had that reminded me of him. I can tell Duncan does not agree with my attachment to such material things, though I believe he's never been in a similar position. I can say now that he was definitely the most memorable of all the children I've reared, though even Methos can say that he was 'unique.' Caius, not Duncan, obviously.

I'm feeling much calmer now and there hasn't been a theft since we installed Amy's cameras. I'm going to take that as a good sign.

Gina checked the salmon she'd made for the salads, waiting for Duncan and Marcus to show up. She kept glancing at the statue, wondering if it was indeed the missing statue, and if it was, what would she say to Cory?

"If it is your statue, I'm going to have to have a little talk with Cory," Duncan grumbled to Marcus,

"If it is my statue, *I'd* like to speak with this Cory," Marcus stressed to him.

"It's not Cory's style to steal from museums."

Sensing Immortal presence, Gina grinned and put the finishing touches on the salads. Unconsciously patting her hair, she moved closer to the door, assuming it was Duncan and Marcus.

Duncan rang the apartment buzzer.

"It hardly matters what style is involved. This was hardly a random theft and I would like as much information as possible."

"Allo?" Gina replied to the buzzer. "Duncan? Is that you?"

"I understand completely."

"Duncan MacLeod of the Clan at your service m'lady," Duncan said with a grin.

With a throaty giggle, Gina hit the buzzer to let them up. "Come on up, Duncan. The salmon just finished cooking."

"Gina's a fabulous cook," Duncan promised Marcus. "At least better than Amanda."

He led the way up the stairs to Gina's apartment

"Seeing as I've never met either one, I'll take your word for it."

Gina opened the door as she sensed the two men coming closer. She grinned broadly when she saw Duncan again. "Duncan! Mon cher, it is good to see you again."

Duncan kissed Gina's hand. "You look lovely as always Gina. Gina this is my friend Marcus Constantine, the one missing the statue."

Grinning at Duncan, Gina turned her smile on Marcus. "A pleasure to finally meet you, Marcus. I have enjoyed taking my students to the museum."

Marcus smiled, "I'm sorry not to have met you sooner then. If you let me know the next time you're coming, I can arrange something a bit off-track."

"That would be lovely," Gina replied gratefully. "But that isn't why you came." She pointed toward the statue. "I'll get some wine while you check on it."

Marcus nodded, "Yes, thank you." He went over to the statue and recognized it immediately, seeming to bond with it again as he picked it up.

Duncan resisted shaking his head. He seemed to know what to many people these days that could bond with statues and old books.

Pouring the wine, Gina brought glasses to both men. She watched Marcus a moment. "I take it that's your missing statue?" she asked lightly.

Marcus smiled and set the statuette down again. "Yes, you don't know what this means to me."

"Gina, do me a favor. Don't tell Cory about this until Marcus has talked to him." Duncan asked.

Gina stared at Duncan. "Surely you can't think Cory stole it, Duncan? You said he was an honorable man."

"I want to know where he had gotten it," Marcus sighed, "That's all. It's not as if I'd beat it out of the man."

Gina nodded. "I just wanted to be certain. I'm sure he has a good explanation." She smiled then. "Would you care for the salads now?"

Duncan was thankful Marcus hadn't set of Gina's protect insticnt. That wasn't a pretty thing to see. "Salads would be wonderful."

Marcus nodded, "Thank you for the invitation. I'm sorry I hadn't said so earlier, but you can imagine how this has been unnerving me."

"I do understand," Gina replied, setting out the salads and wine. "I'm sure I would be beside myself if I lost something I held dearly." Belatedly, her words reminded her of Robert.

"I've lost. Taken is much worse."

"Touche," Gina replied, raising her wine glass toward him, before turning to Duncan. "Duncan, when did your friend M'sieur Pierson take up bar tending?"

"Sometime after he left Seacover I belive, and he's going by Phillip Ahearn these days.

Duncan told her.

"You know Phillip?" Marcus asked before shaking off the thought, "Of course, everyone does these days."

"He met her when we were in Paris quite a few years back," Duncan explained.

Gina nodded. "He assisted Duncan some years ago in making me see that I didn't want to divorce my husband. Such a lovely young man."

Duncan choked on his wine a little.

Marcus grinned and covered it with a sip of wine, "I should pass along the sentiment. He does seem to be quite a matchmaker."

"He;d never admit it though."

Catching Duncan choking, Gina patted his back. "Are you all right?" She grinned at Marcus. "I'm sure he's good at what he does."

"When the mood suits him," Marcus agreed.

"I'm sure he gets whatever he wants," Gina replied impishly. "Just as Duncan does."

"I do not get whatever I want!" Duncan protested.

"Does he?" Marcus gave Duncan an amused glance. "You know, most would consider that a good thing."

"That's not what I've heard Amanda say," Gina teased him. "Tho' I will admit you and Fitzcairn never won me away..."

"Wasn't for the lack of trying though," Duncan smiled.

Gina's grin grew wider. "No, that's true. Did you know, Marcus, on my 100th anniversary, they fought to help me dress?" She enjoyed teasing Duncan.

Duncan blushed. "We didn't fight, we...debated."

"How strange, I could never imagine Duncan wearing a frock. But it is good to know you have an open mind," Marcus grinned even wider.

"Fight, debate. You both couldn't get into my room fast enough, Duncan." Gina chuckled. "But you did come to Robert's rescue that day, so I can't fault you both too much."

"We knew we'd never be able to tempt you away from Robert," Duncan said ignoring Marcus.

"You and Duncan have a colorful history together," Marcus noted.

Gina nodded. "Oh that we do. In fact, he was there when I met my husband. He is one of the dearest friends I have, and I am blessed to know him."

"You're too kind Gina," Duncan told her.

"I only speak the truth, Duncan," Gina replied warmly. "And you know it's true." She turned her gaze to Marcus. "Marcus, do you have any ideas who might be taking your things from the museum? It truly is a frightful thought."

Marcus frowned for a moment and shook his head, "I honestly do not know. I don't know why.. rather, I've given enough reason and had been told I'm not so hard to find.

It's unfortunately a wide audience of probable suspects."

Gina shook her head. "That is truly terrible. I certainly hope you recover your possessions and catch the person responsible."

"That leads me to what I was wondering... How did you come about it again?"

"Cory Raines," Duncan supplied.

"Well, I purchased it at an auction," Gina began. "But yes, Cory said that he'd donated it, that he'd gotten it from a friend or associate of some sort.

I hadn't thought to ask any details beyond that at the time, as I wasn't sure if it was yours or not."

"Ah yes, I don't suppose either of you could introduce me to this man? I am very curious."

"I suppose I could ask him the next time I see him," Gina replied.

Marcus nodded, "I would greatly appreciate it. Duncan here does not seem to have much faith in my ability to approach this calmly."

"I never said you wouldn't approach it calmly Marcus. I've never seen you not do anything calmly. That's what worries me."

"I don't think Cory's done anything inappropriate. He seemed very genuine to me when I spoke with him."

"If he said he got it from a friend, he's most likely telling the turth." Duncan said.

"These are uncertain times," Marcus explained again, "I would simply like as much information as I can find."

Gina nodded. "I understand your wish to resolve this. I will speak to him at the first opportunity I get."

Marcus nodded, "Thank you. She certainly thinks I'm capable of handling this like an adult, Duncan."

Gina resisted the urge to poke her tongue out at Duncan, choosing instead to be adult and simply smile at him.

Duncan resisted rolling his eyes.

Marcus smiled innocently.

Finally succumbing to a giggle, Gina reached for the wine bottle. "More wine, gentlemen?"


"I think we'd better." Duncan laughed.

Gina filled their glasses before raising her in a toast. "Here's to resolving this horrid mess and to getting on with the better aspects of life."

"I can drink to that."

"Short of this mess, I have no complaints," Marcus nodded as he raised his.

"Perhaps when you've gotten this mess settled, I'll have to have you and your wife to dinner one night."

Marcus smiled, "Whenever is convenient for you. I'm sure I can pull her away from work."

Gina chuckled ruefully. "I know how that is. My Robert has become obsessed with his cruise line."

"He always did like that water," Duncan said with a smile.

"Yes, that's very true," Gina replied with a genuine smile.

Marcus smiled slightly, "He'll learn, especially with such a cultured woman like yourself lingering about at home."

Gina blushed slightly. "Thank you, Marcus. And I know this will eventually become less important to him. I just detest waiting sometimes..."

"He loves you Gina, you know that" Duncan told her gently.

"Yes, Duncan, I know. And I will wait for him to return, but I'll not be passive about it this time." She smiled to soften her words.

Marcus chuckled softly, "There is nothing wrong with a wife making her husband earn his ring."

Gina's grin broadened as she looked at Marcus. "You sound like someone with experience in that arena, Marcus."

"Hardly! This is the first time I'm learning that," Marcus laughed.

"Amy is rather....strong willed," Duncan smirked.

Gina laughed gaily. "Ah, a woman who exerts her own will, I take it. Like your Amanda, Duncan."

"Just don't let them here you say that," Duncan said.

"I don't know about you, but Amy does enjoy the occasional Ego boost."

Gina grinned. "You almost sound afraid of them finding out, Duncan."

"I'm scared of them plotting against us," Duncan chuckled weakly.

Gina's grin turned devious for just a moment. "You tempt me, Duncan MacLeod," she teased.

Marcus sighed with a smirk, "Oh Duncan. Learn to live with your fear. I've lived my entire life with a healthy fear of the fairer sex."

"I have Marcus, I fear especially for my bank account when Amanda's angry with me."

Gina bit back a smirk, remembering their shopping spree.

Marcus laughed lightly, "If it's only your money that's in danger, then you really have nothing to worry about."

"This is Amanda we're talking about here," Duncan protested.

Marcus rolled his eyes, "Please. I used to be Nefertiri's lover, mind you. Every time we fought, we went to war."

"I hardly think she's as bad as you say, Duncan," Gina replied. "I happen to find her very fascinating to talk with about you."

Duncan groaned.

"Have you ever spoken to his kinsman or his wife? They have a very healthy and well founded opinion of him," Marcus offered helpfully.

"Do they?" Gina asked curiously. "I shall have to have Connor and his wife to dinner one night. Perhaps I'll learn something new about Duncan."

"I guess I should be thankful Connor can't pull out baby pictures of me." Duncan sighed.

Gina put on a mock-pout. "But I'm sure you were an absolutely adorable baby, Duncan."

"Gina...." Duncan looked at her pleadingly.

Marcus laughed.

She grinned and reached over to pat his hand. "I apologize, Duncan. I am only teasing because I care."

"And you enjoy watching me squirm."

"I can see the appeal," Marcus nodded.

"It was Phillip's hobby for a while too." Duncan sighed.

"Of course, I enjoy watching you squirm, Duncan," Gina grinned. "You are so good at it."

"I'm not sure that's a compliment, Gina."

She grinned more broadly and leaned over to press a light kiss to his cheek. "You take this too seriously, mon cher."

Duncan flushed slightly. "Maybe."

Gina settled back in her seat and took a sip of wine. "I won't tease you anymore then, Duncan."

"Thank you, Gina."

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Time:2005-03-23 08:32 am (UTC)
Unique... Yes, he was. Definitely.

As for the lack of thefts, good. I know you don't like the cameras, but they do help.
(Reply) (Thread)

Time:2005-03-23 10:15 am (UTC)
I don't, but I think I'm adapting fairly well to them.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2005-03-23 10:46 am (UTC)
I didn't think you'd pass up a security measure with such obvious benefits.

Would you and Amy like to come for dinner some night soon?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2005-03-23 10:53 am (UTC)
You know I won't argue the obvious.

And we would never pass up an invitation, I'll see about coaxing her from her office.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2005-03-26 10:24 pm (UTC)
No coaxing needed, darling.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

[icon] He was more than a Statue. - Marcus Constantine
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