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[icon] [ Private ] Someone Else's Complications - Marcus Constantine
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Subject:[ Private ] Someone Else's Complications
Time:06:22 pm
I have to learn to stop speaking at all. This shouldn't upset me, but we both know it does. Even if it's innocent, and even if it does turn out well for both of them, or even simply fades, I cannot shake the feeling that she still needs protection. I know she's well grown but... it's an old feeling, and I'm still old and inflexible.

Methos parked his car and walked up to Marcus and Amy's house. He could tell that Marcus was home, but knocked anyhow, in case someone was visiting.

Marcus walked up to the door with a careful eye on the door. He was expecting company but with as many hostiles that were in the area, it was hard not to be suspicious. He did take a sigh of relief when he checked through the peep hole and opened the door. "Hello."

Methos smiled. "Hi, can I come in?"

Marcus smiled, "Of course." He stepped aside and went back to where he was sitting.

Methos came in and shut the door behind him. He followed Marcus and sat down.

"I haven't seen much of you since dinner. How are you?"

Methos shrugged. "I'm okay. I meant to come over this past weekend but then one of the others at work called out."

"So long as it wasn't anything dire," Marcus nodded. "Can I get you anything?"

Marcus nodded, "We'll start keeping some here for you, you're here often enough." He stood up to pour a couple glasses.

"I know. I do spend a lot of time here. I hope you two don't mind..."

"As if I would ever mind." Marcus handed him the glass.

"Well, you are married..." Methos shrugged and took a sip of wine.

"I assure you she doesn't mind either," Marcus nodded.

Methos smiled and nodded. "That is good to know. She bought me ties you know. Ties. I think there's a paisley one."

"I did warn you."

"I know you did."

"Did you see them yet?"

"No. Like I said, I was going to come over on Saturday..."

"I can't say I know where they are. But she'd kill me herself if I spoiled her surprise."

Methos nodded. "I wouldn't want her to kill you."

"I wouldn't want her to kill me either."

Methos chuckled. "So, I had dinner with Ceirdwyn the other evening."

"Oh? And how did it go?" Marcus asked carefully as he considered Methos' history with his other student.

"Very well..." Methos nodded. "She, ah, she was flirting with me."

He stared at Methos for a moment, finding no other words beyond, "She was..."

"Flirting." Methos finished for him. "With me."

Marcus thought on it a moment. "What did you do?"

Methos cleared his throat. "I told her I was a little busy but not exclusive."

"I meant to incite her."

"Ah, I thought you meant in response." Methos took a few sips of wine and shook his head. "I am sure I have no idea what I did, aside from be an unknown and a friend of yours."

"I know you a bit too well to believe you're totally innocent," Marcus sighed a bit. "Well, you did let her off a bit easy. Do you have an interest in her?"

"I wouldn't be opposed to having a bit of fun, but I thought I'd say something to you."

"Yes, thank you." Marcus shook his head, "You know, she is my student. She's like a daughter to me."

"I know." Methos nodded. "I didn't mean to lead her on, truly, and she is very attractive."

"Perhaps." Marcus muttered, "So help you if she becomes hurt."

Methos frowned and looked down. "i see."

"She is like a daughter to me," Marcus reiterated.

"You said that already. Do you truly think I would hurt her intentionally?"

"I know you wouldn't."

"But my life would still be forfeit if it happened unintentionally, I suppose."

"Forfeit's a strong word."

"But you don't deny it." Methos sighed and closed his eyes. "I never had this sort of trouble in Rio."

"I do deny it. I'd be upset, granted. I know she can handle herself." He shrugged, "I'm sorry to complicate it for you."

"I do like her, I couldn't just say no..." Methos shook his head.

Marcus sighed, "I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."

"That's a bit difficult."

"I'm used to putting my foot in my mouth," Marcus shrugged. "How did you expect me to react?"

"Roughly like this," Methos admitted.

"Good, then neither of us are surprised."

"Except that I think I surprised you by saying anything about it at all."

"I am."

"You could always simply go with the theory that she has good taste?"

Marcus chuckled, "She does... at least half the time."

"And which half am I?"

"That would depend on her, wouldn't it?"

"I suppose it would." Methos finished his wine and set his glass down. "Listen, Marcus, if we do end up doing anything, I'm sure we'd both be well aware that it would be casual."

Marcus nodded, "I know."

"And you won't kill me?" Methos paused and then added, "and I don't expect you to speak for Amy."

Marcus stared at him for a second and forced out slowly, "I will not kill you."

"How about if I do, I won't mention it?"

"I would prefer it if you didn't."

"Fine then, pretend I said nothing." Methos smirked.

"That's a bit difficult," Marcus echoed.

"I'll try if you do."

Marcus nodded. "I'll try."

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[icon] [ Private ] Someone Else's Complications - Marcus Constantine
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