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[icon] Another Night at a Friend's - Marcus Constantine
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Subject:Another Night at a Friend's
Time:07:40 pm
So far, our side investigations haven't turned up anything in regards to the thefts. It really is starting to wear on me. I can understand the armor being stolen, yes I'm finally willing to admit that it's gone, seeing as it would bring in a rather high price to some of the more fervent collectors out there. However, I don't see why anyone would take that statue. I should have brought it home. It meant nothing to anyone outside of my family and their descendants. Not to mention that the Insurance Company are wary about me now seeing as the museum's long history of thefts since I've taken over. It's distressing.

That and Phillip's still getting phone calls, though we can only hope they're wrong numbers. Someday, we'll be able to sit down for dinner without all of this hanging over our heads.

I wonder if Optomism becomes me.

Amy knocked on Phillip's door, eyeing the cookies in her other hand like they might bite her.

"What's that look for?" Marcus asked curiously, doing a fair job at keeping his spirits up.

"They might bite me."

Methos opened the door for them and gesture for them to come in. "Cookies?"

"I certainly hope so," Marcus sighed and let Amy go ahead of him.

"Snake eggs." Amy lied, handing the cookies to Methos and coming into the apartment.

Methos looked at them warily. "What sort of snakes?"

Marcus shook his head and followed them in. "I don't know but I can't imagine they make decent desserts."

"I'm stung by your doubt." Amy teased.

"That I doubt they're snakes?" Marcus smirked.

Methos closed the door behind them and chuckled.

"Exactly." Amy grinned, shrugging off her coat.

Marcus smiled, "But I can't help but poke holes in your pranks."

"Go ahead and sit down," Methos told them. "Dinner's ready."

Marcus pulled the chair for Amy and went to seat himself. "How has the week been treating you?"

"Fine." Methos brought out the food and sat down. "Are things all set up at the museum?"

Marcus glanced at Amy, only muttering that he had little hand in such matters.

"It is your museum." She pointed out.

"I was only asking," Methos sighed.

"My apologies. I meant to say that I left that in Amy's capable hands," Marcus corrected himself.

"That sounds like a much safer answer." Methos nodded.

"It's was what I meant."

"Of course it was." Amy nodded, patting Marcus's hand

Methos poured wine for Marcus and Amy and then sat back. "So, aside from the museum..."

"Yes, aside from that, things are relatively calm," Marcus nodded.

"No more phone calls?" Methos asked.

"None and don't tempt fate," Marcus answered quickly.

Amy rapped sharply on the table.

Methos shrugged. "We can hope."

"Pardon me, I think the stress has finally been getting to me."

"You should try to relax, Marcus," Methos suggested. "Though I know it's useless for me to suggest."

"Massage therapist."

Methos smirked.

"Well yes, that worked for a while," Marcus muttered softly.

"Perhaps that's what I should do when I'm sick of bar tending," Methos said.

Marcus nodded. "You do have a talent for it."

Amy raised an eyebrow, visibly settling into Watcher mode.

Methos grinned at her. "I do, you know."

Marcus chuckled. "I'd be careful if I were you. Her skills might even rival yours."

"Really?" Methos looked at her and his smile widened. "Impressive."

"As you've told me, I'm very lucky." Marcus grinned.

"I'll repeat it again. You are extremely lucky," Methos nodded.

Marcus nodded and took a sip of the wine Methos had given him.

Amy rolled her eyes and sipped her wine. "Boys."

"Yes, ma'am?" Marcus smirked.

"Is there a problem with either of us extolling your virtues?" Methos inquired.

"You're going to make me blush and then I'll have to take both of your heads because that sort of information cannot be allowed to leak."

Methos chuckled. "I'm not going to go spreading any information on you around."

"I know I wouldn't dare."

"It's good you've learned something in 8000 years combined."

"We are both intelligent men," Methos nodded.

"Excuse me, but 8000?"

"I'm rounding up, darling."

"My age isn't definite, tack on an extra 500 for me," Methos told him.

"I'm aging as the conversation goes on," Marcus sighed woefully.

"We all are."

"I think it's just me."

"Just wait until you're my age."

"I'll try not to mention how much the idea disturbs me," Marcus nodded.

Methos laughed.

Amy smiled a bit, sipping her wine silently

"Not to touch on a darker subject, but was there any reason why you asked if there were more calls?"

"I've had a few calls with no messages left while I was out," Methos said, shrugging.

"Oh." Marcus' voice lowered.

"They could be nothing, but I had wondered."

Marcus nodded, "Then, for what it's worth, I hope it's nothing."

"As do I, believe me."

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[icon] Another Night at a Friend's - Marcus Constantine
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