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[icon] I'd always cower for her. - Marcus Constantine
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Subject:I'd always cower for her.
Time:11:43 pm
Now that was a delightful evening. I suppose it's not done yet, now is it? Of course, I still have our Anniversary to think about, but I know I'm enjoying myself.

Marcus escorted Amy into the restaurant. He was at least of the mind enough to have made reservations some months before. Still, he was worried they might not make it seeing as how attached to work Amy had become. If it weren't for her terrible day some days prior, he was sure she would have locked herself up this year. At least with that, it made being at the office unappealing. He pushed in her chair and ordered the wine, thankful for one of the few moments they had out alone.

Amy smiled with only a little forcing. "Thank you, Marcus. This is lovely."

"I thought it would be a nice change from working late over delivery."

"It's a change for certain." she smiled, taking his hand. "Thank you."

Marcus smiled, "You have a tendency to overwork yourself."

"You're the last one to throw stones."

Marcus laughed, "I'm hardly throwing stones, though I'm surprised I was allowed to tear you away."

"There is only so much mildewed paper I'm willing to deal with."

"Yes, who knew that would work out to my advantage?" Marcus asked lightly.

"Now I suspect you."

He smiled innocently, "Of? I assure you there's nothing."

She laughed and tapped his hand. "I'm sure."

"And you know I'm hardly one for subterfuge."

"At least not when I'll catch you."

"You would always catch me." Marcus smiled.

"I should hope so." She smiled before leaning over to kiss him lightly. "I love you, Marcus."

Marcus smiled and kissed her lightly, "I love you, Amy." He pulled back slightly. "I should let you know, you're a hard woman to shop for."

"Am I?" She teased. "You're worse."

"Absolutely not! I am very easily amused."

"And have everything." She grinned.

"It comes with being an eternal packrat," Marcus nodded. "I did not have differently colored walls until I met you."

Her lips twitched. "I'm glad I'm brought colour into your life, Marcus."

Marcus smirked. "I couldn't have worded it any better."

Amy smiled slowly. "Romantic."

"I'm trying," he glanced down and set a wrapped parcel on the table.

She looked out it, then smiled and put her own small box on the table, nudging it toward him.

Marcus smiled and slid his over so he could take the smaller one instead, "So I could defend myself first, I honestly had no idea what to get you. I'm afraid all of my creativity went to your Christmas gift."

"I'm sure it's lovely. " she smiled, waiting for him to open the cufflinks. They were etched with an tiny image of the museum.

Marcus smiled softly, "They're beautiful." He took one so he could look at it closer. The parcel he gave her was weighty, holding a leather bound journal inside.

She unwrapped it, smiling brightly. "Thank you."

Marcus looked at it and smiled slightly, "It was mine. I hope you don't mind the hand me down but I think you'd appreciate it more than even I would at this moment."

Amy leaned over the table to kiss him again, lingeringly and lovingly despite the public setting. "It's wonderful, Marcus."

Marcus smiled to himself, sliding his chair closer so he could kiss her again. "Maybe, but now I have an excuse to take my work with me." He chuckled and looked over the cufflink again.

"Oh, Marcus that was horrible." She laughed.

"I am trying," Marcus nodded.

"You're very trying."

"And I'm bad?"

"I'm younger, I have an excuse."

"And I have a rotted sense of humor," Marcus nodded.

"I suppose I'll still love you despite it." She teased, sighing.

"And I haven't stopped thanking you for it," Marcus nodded.

"You may stop when I'm ninety." She promised primly.

"As if you could stop me."

"I'll scold you."

"I'll cower," Marcus nodded.

"As it should be."

Marcus smiled and took her hand, "Have I ever told you that you're the best thing that happened to me?"

Amy grinned and squeezed his hand. "No, and if you do, I'll laugh."

Marcus smiled, and whispered quite seriously, "Amy, you're the best thing to ever happen to me."

"Liar." she laughed, leaning over and kissing him. "You're the best thing to ever happen to me too."

Marcus smiled and kissed her hand again. "At least we have that settled."

"Must be why we're married."

"That would be convenient, wouldn't it?"

"Only logical."

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[icon] I'd always cower for her. - Marcus Constantine
View:Recent Entries.