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[icon] A Friendly Warning. - Marcus Constantine
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Subject:A Friendly Warning.
Time:09:17 pm
At first my idea was to not tell Philip anything and let him figure out on his own that we had an extra for dinner. Still, it would be too cruel and he does so well with surpises on his own. It's turning into lovely evening.

Marcus checked his watch and made a face. He had spent a longer time at lunch than he planned though he was hardly complaining. He hadn't seen any of his students since he had lost touch with Ceirdwyn so one extended meal, at least he thought, was forgivable. When he returned to his office, he picked up the phone and dialed up Philip to discuss the changes in dinner.

Methos sighed and set down his book to pick up the phone. "Hallo?"

"It's Marcus, did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No, I was just reading. Actually, I was going to call before I left and ask if you wanted me to bring anything."

"Anything you want. I just wanted you to know that I have company tonight."

"Oh?" Methos got up to get himself a beer. "Other than myself, I assume. Did you want to postpone dinner?"

"No, of course not. I simply didn't want you to be surprised."

"No problem then. So who is this mystery guest? Someone I know?" Methos paused for a moment. "Not your old teacher, I hope..."

"Oh never, only an old friend of mine," Marcus said quickly. "You have dealt with him by now, I hope."

"Yes. I was going to explain later, but it should be mostly cleared up. I kept the replica I had made." Methos sighed. "So, an old friend?"

"That's reassuring. Yes, she came by the museum the other day and I hadn't seen her for quite some time."

"Oh? Older friend than me?"

"I can honestly say I've no older friends than you," Marcus grinned. "Otherwise, it was shortly after we parted that I met her."

"Hmmm..." Methos thought for a minute. "So, I would guess either Roman, or Celt. I know you went to Britannia for a while after I left the city."

"Celt. But yes, that's where I met her."

"Interesting. I look forward to meeting her."

"Then you are still coming?"

"Of course," Methos answered. "You said this woman is still a friend, and between the two of us and Amy I'm sure we could handle ourselves if something went wrong."

Marcus sighed a bit, "That won't be necessary. And I think her and Amy have gotten along well so far, for as short a time as they had to talk."

"That's actually highly frightening. I'll be there as your back-up then."

"Thank you, they've already paired up in prodding at me."

"You have my sympathy. Two on two is much more fair. Not that I'm one for fair, but it's better than having the odds against me."

"I'm so glad you have my interests at heart," Marcus laughed.

"Of course I do," Methos assured him.

"Any requests for dinner then?"

"None, so long as it's cooked. I've yet to complain about anything I've eaten in your house. I'd hardly start to be picky now," Methos chuckled.

"As you say. So I should expect you when? Seven? Eight?"

"Seven, if it's not too early. When will your other friend be arriving? And does she have a name?"

"About the same time and she does. But she used to be called Ceirdwyn."

"Right. Well, I will see you, and Amy, and Ceirdwyn-who-has-a-different-name later this evening. Does she by any chance know that I will be there?"

"She knows someone will be there when I was discussing it with Amy. But I haven't mentioned specifics."

"Right. Well, this should be interesting."

"It will be completely harmless," Marcus assured him. "But I do have to get back to work. I'll see you tonight?"

"Go, work. I'll be at the house around 7."

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[icon] A Friendly Warning. - Marcus Constantine
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